2012 Summit Speakers and Panels

Opening Welcome: A Sustainable Racetrack?

Steve Page, Raceway President and General Manager

Steve Page joined the Raceway as President and General Manager in 1991 after 11 years working in marketing and special events for baseball’s Oakland Athletics where, among other responsibilities, he served as coordinator for the 1987 MLB All-Star Game. Before entering the sports arena, he spent several years on Capitol Hill as press secretary for U.S. Congressman Leon Panetta. He is a graduate of the University of California at Berkeley. Page was the principal advocate for the Raceway’s $100 million modernization project, which has transformed the facility into one of the premier motor racing venues in the country.

Keynote Speaker: Driving Change Through Major Sports Events


Neill Duffy, Sportsman, Businessman and Change Agent

Neill’s professional career spans some 25 years in the sports and entertainment industry with the last five years having been focussed on the “space” at the intersection of sport and sustainability.

During this time he has held various senior executive leadership positions including that of President of Octagon Europe Middle East Africa, Chief Marketing and Sustainability Officer for the 34th America’s Cup, Group Managing Director of Octagon South Africa and Executive Chairman of Tribe Management.

To best capture the biggest opportunity that Neill believes exists in the world of sports today, Neill has developed SPORTS IMPACT MARKETING, a proprietary model that enables sports organizations to go beyond simple philanthropy and CSR to embrace sustainability as a core business driver.

SPORTS IMPACT MARKETING delivers incremental revenue opportunities alongside enhanced brand relevance and equity, operational efficiencies, strengthened stakeholder relations, increased activation points for Partners and deeper and broader fan engagement.

Neill holds several Board positions, is a qualified Chartered Accountant, has founded several new companies and initiatives, is an Advisory Board Member of the International Sponsors Council and an Executive Committee member of YPOWPO’s Social Enterprise Network and co-founder of Real Leaders magazine.

He has been a regular speaker at industry conferences around the world including at the recent TEDxSF conference. He authored “Passion Branding : Harnessing the power of emotion to build strong brands” which was published internationally by Wileys in 2004 and has contributed to many publications around the world.

Neill is entrepreneurial, collaborative and results oriented and enjoys working with the people in the teams that he builds to achieve their full potential.

Panel 1: Sustainable Performance Ranking Metric


For some automotive consumers, a car’s environmental footprint is the principal factor in their purchase decision.  For some others, it’s purely about the car’s capabilities on the road.  But most new car buyers probably fall somewhere in between—they want to do the right thing environmentally, but are not willing to give up other considerations like value and performance.

Traditionally, marketing appeals to the horsepower and performance enthusiast carry little mention of efficiency, emissions or any other green factors.  It’s as if a positive environmental profile would imply sacrificing the qualities those consumers care most about.  In reality, there are probably two false assumptions: 1. That performance car buyers don’t care about the environment, and 2. That sustainability and performance are mutually exclusive concepts.

We believe there are plenty of car buyers who care about both, but may be challenged to evaluate and compare the options available to them.  To address this need, the raceway, in collaboration with Dominican University of California’s Green MBA program, has developed a new rating system combining the factors most closely associated with both sustainability and performance into a single comparative metric.

The new Sustainable Performance Ranking is currently being vetted by other academic and industry experts.  In its final form it can be used to evaluate and compare every current model vehicle available in the nation’s showrooms.

The new metric along with a complete listing of the top 100 Sustainable Performance vehicles will be unveiled at the raceway as part of the 2012 Accelerating Sustainable Performance Summit on September 7th.

  • Paul Erickson – Associate Professor Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, UC Davis
  • Joey Shepp – Sustainability Consultant and Sustainable Program Director at Dominican University
  • Jeff Brown, President and CEO of Novvi
  • Tony Andreoni, P.E. – Director of Regulatory Affairs, California Municipalities Utilities Association
  • Mark Vaughn, Autoweek
  • David Bolling, Sonoma News

Panel 2: The State of Sustainable Racing 2012


The Raceway at Sonoma worked with the Green MBA program at Dominican University to produce a comprehensive research report on the State of Sustainable Racing 2012. This first-of-a-kind research looks at 16 cutting-edge case studies in alternative fuel and electric racing.

In this panel, we’ll hear from the leaders in Sustainable Racing about where the industry is at today and where it is going tomorrow.  Also, we’ll ask how Sustainable Racing can influence consumer buying.

  • Scot Elkins, American LeMans Series
  • Tim Collins, KleenSpeed
  • Michael Vogel, Team Lead, CalSol
  • Duane Sampson, Motorsports Manager, Yokohama
  • Marshall Pruett, SPEED.com
  • Joey Shepp – Sustainability Consultant and Sustainable Programs Director at Dominican University

Track Demonstrations Briefings

  • Tim Collins, Kleenspeed
  • Duane Sampson, Yokohama
  • Michael Vogel, CalSol
  • David Salguero, Mission Motors
  • Derek Dorresteyn, BRD Motorcycles
  • Brian Hall, NEDRA

Lunch and Networking


At the Audi Forum and Patio. Local and organic menu from sustainable, eco-friendly farms.



Sustainable Performance Track Demonstrations


Enjoy watching various track demonstrations.

Join us for action-packed demonstrations of tomorrow’s technologies including high performance electric cars and motorcycles. See tomorrow’s technology today demonstrated on the track.

Demonstrations by:
  • KleenSpeed EV-X11 – To set track EV lap record (time)
  • Fisker – Electric Performance Vehicle
  • CalSol – Solar Powered Racecar
  • Mission Motors – Electric Motorcycles
  • Porsche 911 GT3 with Yokohama Orange Oil Racing Slick Tires
  • AC Propulsion Scion
  • Cadillac CTS V Series running on Novvi renewable engine oil

Watch the KleenSpeed EV-X11 set the Track Record for Electric Vehicles!

U.S. Commercial Service CleanTech Forum


Find out how small and medium-sized cleantech companies are selling their products and services around the world. You’ll learn about intellectual property protection, manufacturing, getting paid, conducting due diligence on foreign partners and much more. Executives who’ve penetrated foreign markets will tell you how it’s done. Representatives of the U.S. Export-Import Bank and the U.S. Commercial Service will show you how the U.S. government can help. Join us for an interactive session with the following speakers:

Linda Maepa, COO, ElectronVault, Inc. – Designs and manufactures low-cost, high production yield battery systems for the electric vehicle and stationary storage markets.

Mark Stephenson, Area Manager, Palo Alto Research Center Water Technologies – Provides custom research and development services, technology, expertise, best practices and intellectual property to companies and government agencies.

Gary Zieff, COO, dissigno – Developer, builder and operator of solar projects around the world, including Africa and Eastern Europe.

Jim Happ, CEO, Labcon – Manufacturer of laboratory consumables including sustainable options utilizing eco-friendly production.

Rob Guthrie, Senior Business Development Officer, U.S. Export-Import Bank – Finances U.S. exports through loan guarantees, direct loans, working capital guarantees and export credit insurance.

Elizabeth Krauth, Director, U.S. Commercial Service North Bay – Facilitates exports through a worldwide network of offices in embassies and consulates,who link U.S. companies with buyers and partners

For more information on the US Commercial Service, contact Elizabeth Krauth at Elizabeth.Krauth@trade.gov.


Wine Reception at Audi Forum

Begins at 3pm!


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