Environmental Conservation

Mowing Green
Nearly 3,000 sheep that live on track property provide an invaluable service, helping to maintain the grasses and fire lanes around the facility.

Clean Green
Clean facilities are very important at Sonoma Raceway, and to that end, 90% of the janitorial products used are environmentally-friendly.

Water Conservation
The track conserves/reduces its demand for water. Waterless urinals reduce water consumption 36% and the track is home to an independent water system and sewage treatment plant. It is not dependent on the county or city for its water needs.

Owls Welcome
Sonoma Raceway features 20 owl boxes around its property to encourage the birds to nest and hunt for gophers and other rodents around the facility, reducing the need for pesticides and other poisons in controlling pests.

Organic Garden
Sonoma Raceway, in partnership with Levy Restaurants and Sonoma Valley High School, planted the raceway’s first organic garden in 2013. Fruits and vegetables from the garden are used at the Raceway Café and in Levy catering. During summer months, the garden yields tomatoes, peppers, edible flowers, green beans, lettuces, kale, chard and eggplant. Winter crops include lettuces, chives, spinach, beets and herbs. In spring, we plan to slope the whole side with potatoes, squash, pumpkins, zucchini, etc.

NASCAR Green Clean Air
The raceway participates in NASCAR’s “Green Clean Air” project, a unique program that plants ten trees for each green flag dropped during NASCAR races, capturing 100% of the carbon produced by the on track racing at the events. The raceway has planted more than 100 trees in Petaluma and Vallejo.

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