Resources Conservation

Since 2004, the track has recycled more than 402 tons of materials (805,514 pounds). It was recognized by the State of California Department Division of Recycling for its efforts and works with Safety-Kleen during events to recycle used oil products.

Cardboard Recycling
Using its own cardboard baler, Sonoma Raceway recycles nearly 3,000 pounds of cardboard each month. These efforts will help greatly to reduce the number of debris boxes sent to landfills.

Motor Oil Refining
The raceway also works with Safety-Kleen to recycle used oil products at its NASCAR and NHRA events. Safety-Kleen refines more than 200,000 gallons of used motor oil each year at racing events and a total of 200 million gallons of used motor oil from customers throughout North America.

Clean Green
Clean facilities are very important at the raceway, and to that end, 90-percent of the janitorial products we use in 2011 will be environmentally-friendly.

Water Conservation
The raceway will continue to conserve and reduce its demand for water with waterless urinals in restrooms, which reduce our water consumption by 36-percent. Plus, the raceway is home to an independent water system and sewage treatment plant, and is not dependent on the county or city for its water needs. All landscaping is watered with recycled and reclaimed water.

Rubber to Roads
The raceway will send old tires to be recycled in 2011 so that they can be used to help create rubber-based asphalt, playground padding and other purposes.

All paper products (paper plates, napkins, flat ware, cups, etc.) used in the raceway’s suites are either made from recycled or biodegradable materials. Beginning in 2011, Levy Restaurants, the exclusive caterer of the raceway, will not use plastic, single-use disposable serving platters in the suites or caterings.

All of the concession stands and vendors use biodegradable paper trays and liners. Ninety-percent of the cups used are made from recycled or biodegradable materials, and all beverages are served in recyclable containers.

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