A Sustainable Racetrack?

Through its Accelerating Sustainable Performance program, the raceway has established itself as a North American hub for emerging technologies related to sustainability and performance in motor sports.

Whether it’s a 1,700-panel Panasonic solar installation or electric motorcycles zooming around the circuit, the raceway has continued to prove that you don’t have to sacrifice performance in the name of sustainability.

From recycling to motor-oil refining to the more than 3,000 sheep that keep the grasses and fire lanes maintained, the raceway continues to do its share for the environment.

The Accelerating Sustainable Performance program is grounded in the belief that it is possible to reduce environmental impact without compromising performance. By partnering with companies who share this belief, the raceway aims to showcase the performance characteristics of green technology, set a standard in racing by adopting sustainable business practices and raise awareness to a large and engaged audience of race fans and car enthusiasts.

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