Alternative Energy Racing Series

State of Sustainable Racing 2012 Case Study


Mission: Alternative Energy Racing is the future of motorsport and the future of personal transport, and we want to show you that being “green” is no barrier to having fun and going fast!

Since 2008, The Alternative Energy Racing series has attracted racers with vehicles powered by anything other than fossil fuels. The series is hosted yearly at the Santa Pod Raceway in Northants, England. The annual event attracts various racing enthusiasts, including individuals, university teams and manufacturers. The vehicles vary from electric bikes, cars, vans, and motorcycles.


  • Vehicle Type: Any
  • Fuel/Energy Source: Biodiesel, Bioethanol, Bioalcohol (Butanol and Ethanol), Non-fossil Gas (e.g. Methane), Battery Electric, Solar Electric, Hydrogen Fuel Cell, Pneumatic Propulsion
  • Years in Production:  N/A
  • Sponsors: Supported by The Battery Vehicle Society. Sponsored by Kingston University, INZANE, Zero Carbon World, Lotus, Vectrix, retro ford, MEGA, Bio Performance and more.

Performance Metrics

Maximum and average speeds for the ¼ mile race

Racing Criteria

  • Fuel source must be anything other than fossil fuels
  • Free to participate.

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Alternative Energy Racing Series Website

Research by Dominican University’s Green MBA Program

Authors: Jake Baker, Robin Carew, Diana Connolly, Jack Decker

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