Electric Concept Car: The Radical SR8 LM

State of Sustainable Racing 2012 Case Study


The Radical SR8 LM is the current record holder at Nürburgring, driven by Michael Vergers at 6:48 on Aug 19, 2009 using regular racing fuel. The car is owned by Imperial College and Vantage Power Ltd. in the UK under the name Racing Green Endurance. However, the car was converted to electric in 2010, renamed the SR-0, and recently became the first electric car to travel the full 26,000km of the Pan American Highway in 70 days.

Performance Metrics

  • Power: 400hp
  • Top speed: 200 km/h or about 125 mph
  • Range: 400+ km or about 250 miles
  • Generates 550 volts using Lithium batteries
  • Full charge: 6 hours
  • Two electric motors

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Research by Dominican University’s Green MBA Program

Authors: Jake Baker, Robin Carew, Diana Connolly, Jack Decker

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