The International Electric Vehicle (EV) Series

State of Sustainable Racing 2012 Case Study


The Quimera Project, the TTXGP motorcycle group, the International Motor Sport Association (IMSA), and the American Le Mans Series (ALMS) will combine their respective areas of expertise in 2012 at the start of a new global initiative to develop the next generation of sustainable motor sport. Working together, initial steps will be taken to prepare investors, the general public, media, sponsors and other interested parties for motor sport’s impending embrace of clean technology.

By 2013 this joint venture will be ready to launch its new international Electric Vehicle (EV) series, the first clean technology professional motor sport championship that will include various categories with the objective of organizing a global, non-fossil fuel based championship.


  • Vehicle Type: Concept
  • Fuel/Energy Source: Electric
  • Years in Production: N/A
  • Sponsors:
    • IMSA: VP Racing Fuels; Racing Radios; Chevrolet, AMKUS Rescue Systems; Porsche
    • Quimera Project: None – the company forms strategic partnerships using “clustering.”
    • TTXGP: See Case Study 5

The Quimera AEGT

Quimera AEGT All-Electric Car

The Quimera AEGT All-Electric Car produces 700bhp and is the 1st of its class to run on 100% electric batteries and motors and produce similar or superior performance to competition-level internal combustion vehicles. A version of the car is expected to debut in demonstration runs at selected American Le Mans Series race events in 2012.

Performance Metrics:

  • Power: 450-700 bhp
  • Top Speed: 300 km/h or about 186.4mph
  • 0-100 km/h in 3s
  • Torque: 1.000 Nm+
  • High power Lithium Polymer EIG (S. Korea) battery packs
  • Three 231 bhp UQM electric motors (USA)

Other Categories under consideration:

  • AEGT (525kw – 700bhp)
  • Touring GT (300kw – 390bhp)
  • NB (an OEM showcase)
  • OPEN WHEEL F3 type (220kw – 285bhp)
  • Drifting: (170kw-220bhp)

Research by Dominican University’s Green MBA Program

Authors: Jake Baker, Robin Carew, Diana Connolly, Jack Decker

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